Chernobyl is a small town in the Ukraine near the Belarus border with a population of 12,500.
The nuclear power station of Chernobyl lies 15 kilometers to the northwest of the actual Chernobyl town.
In 1986, the USSR generated roughly 10% of the world's nuclear power from only 43 operating reactorsand together they produced 27 thousand Mega Watts of electricity.
Another 36 reactors were still under construction that would produce 37 thousand Mega Watts of electricity.
They were also planning to build another 34 reactors which would ultimately represent 36 thousand Mega Watts of electricity.
Chernobyl was rated as one of the safest nuclear power stations.
In fact, just 3 months before to the explosion, a Soviet official was quoted saying, "the odds of a meltdown occurring at Chernobyl are 1 in 10,000 years
But during the trial of the administrative staff of the plant in 1987, they found that there had been numerous accidents and emergency shutdowns before the explosion.